How to tint blonde hair with black paint?

The first time I read this I thought the person was crazy about stone. What do you mean black ink on blond hair? But when I tested it, I changed my mind. Okay, I confess I was really, really scared to do this. But I threw myself.

And why black ink?

The secret is that black ink has a lot of blue pigment, so it tints the golden tones of blond hair.

I took advantage of that my hair was very orange in the last touch-up and nothing was able to blend. Then I thought: worse it won't be. And I went without fear of being happy!

You will need: black ink 01 (any brand), 10 volumes oxygenated, shampoo if you are going to tint the entire length or white cream if you are going to tint only the orange root.

I kept testing until I got the measurement right. Oh, I am scared.

As I did: the first one used 2 cm of paint, a 10-volume oxygenated dessert spoon and 2 tablespoons of a hydrating mask. It can be anyone, as long as it is white.

I mixed everything up, went into the shower, turned on the shower and with the help of a mirror I started using the brush only on the root. It took me a few seconds to go through everything and I already washed (very tense lol). It improved a little, but it was still pretty orange. I sure took it out ahead of time.

Second test: The next day I was more confident again. I used 3 cm of crazy ink (NEVER do that girls, NEVER) , 1 tablespoon of 10 volumes oxygenate and 2 tablespoons of the same white cream. I did it inside the Box with the shower on.

I spent more calmly on the whole root, took about 40 seconds, and washed. This time the result was better, but many parts of the hair failed, of course, I exaggerated the amount of ink. And yet some parts were still golden.

After four washes the effect was still there (without the sinker), but I hoped there were still golden parts and I did it again.

After many tests I arrived at the safest measure that gave my hair the best result:

* 1cm of ink

* 1 dessert spoon of 10 volume oxis

* 3 tablespoons of white cream or shampoo.

The mixture is the color of the photo below. When it does, it turns white, and after a few minutes it turns a little purple, but mine I leave in that shade, a little lilac, enough to tint without sinking. Do not doubt this innocent little color, because it is sooooo potent! Kindly visit this link for useful reference: best silver hair dye

I did it outside the Box, I passed by calmly to pick up the entire internal part of the root. I kept looking, I let it complete for 2 minutes watching to not fail. This was the best result, everything was equal. In the bath I took advantage of the root mixture and spread it over the entire length, I left it for 1 minute. It was perfect, and nothing gray, because I made it very weak and left little.

Girls, for the love, whoever is going to be careful, because any mistake will fail and a lot. And wear gloves because it stains the entire nail. I think now I'm only going to do this tinting at the root, and in the length that is already platinum I use a tinter. Then I'll come back to count how many washes this tint lasts.

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